Monday, January 28, 2008

Back from Vacation

Ok, not a "real vacation" - but it was a fun time...We had been wanting to take the boys to the Great Wolf Lodge in KC, MO - a pilgrimage we make just about every fall/winter, but this year we just couldn't seem to swing it and with the soon approaching baby to factor in we decided to "simulate" the experience with a hotel here in town. It has the same camping/woodsy/outdoors theme, and it is also experiencing an off-season lull in attendance so we were able to get a great rate. We goofed off all day at the pool and in the little yard our room had access to and ended with some late night movies - all of that activity and Steven was still able to go to work this morning to attend some required meetings. (Don't know if that is really a positive perk, but you know what I mean) Here we go with the pics...

Here is the little lawn area that our patio spilled into. The weather was great - a lot warmer than what we had been experiencing so the boys were able to run. It had this horse statue in the middle of the lawn.

Next was swimming...Huston never made it off the stairs - he is a very timid swimmer. The other two are fish - Isaiah was pretty independent, he can do the basic dog paddle and keep himself going and he loves to jump in. Avery needed assistance, but wished he didn't! (P.S. Know that you won't see many pictures of me anyway, I'm the usually the photographer, but you will never see a picture of my pregnant self in a swimming suit! - but believe me, I was there)

We then walked next door to the waffle house for a bit of supper - the boys were very hungry from their swimming, and can you tell they were a bit tired as well?

The evening was topped off with jammies, popcorn and Scooby Doo on the portable dvd player. Then off to bed in the bunk beds for the boys. (You can barely see the corner of them in the picture - I didn't really get a good shot of them - they took up most of that end of the room!)

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