Friday, January 4, 2008

Where's Avery?

That's a question that gets asked pretty often in our house...Avery has a true knack of quietly slipping away to unknown places. He knows the exact time when everyone's attention is nicely diverted then he makes his move. This afternoon the brothers were up in their shared bedroom playing, I was in the kitchen working on stuff for church...and it suddenly dawned on me that I had not heard Avery in the past few minutes. I called for him, he answered and I followed his voice to the garage...

And here is how I found him - winter is the pits, can't play with those outside toys as often as you would like so I guess he just decided to slip into the garage and reminisce about the warmer days. He found the binoculars too...kept trying to use them like a camera. The boy has gotten away and decided to explore a couple of neighborhoods before - so I am thankful that he just kept to his own garage this time.

He was quite pleased with himself as you can see...

So the only remedy to the situation was to bring the outside in - or try to. So we brought the newest trike into the basement to play around with instead of staying in the cold, drafty's not as popular as the good ol' junky plastic car, but it will do for now - when he gets a tiny bit taller so he can push those pedals around and around this thing will be a hit.

Huston is under the weather again...started with a cough late last night or early this morning and now has a fever to add to his list of ailments. He is doing pretty good though, and usually is a great sleeper when he is sick - so I think he will fight everything off well. Isaiah is staying the night with Gran and Grandad, so Huston won't have to worry about trying to keep up with him tomorrow morning - so he will probably sleep in nicely. There is a lot of yucky stuff going around out there, guess its only fair that we take a turn with it too.

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