Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crazy Weather!

This morning was so pretty...sunny, upper 50s, maybe a bit into the 60s. The boys played outside on their bikes in light jackets - I drove to my dr's appt. with the windows down in the van, this picture was taken at 10:00 this morning...
Then it all started to hit. At about 11:30ish the boys came in saying it was getting cold - the sun went away and the wind came in its place. About 2:00 this stuff started falling from the sky - It looked more like hail than sleet - but I'm no meteorologist! The temp at this time was in the upper 20s.
Then the snow started to fall - we've had a couple of rounds of slight flurries - here is the picture out the front door at about 5:00pm - I was going to have the boys put on their winter coats and go outside to pose for me - but they refused, something about it being too cold. It's now 12 degrees...all in one day it went from spring to winter - maybe this can't happen only in MO, but we sure seem to experience drastic weather changes too much! Come on over :-)

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