Saturday, January 5, 2008

Isaiah - Paleontologist...

Isaiah found an old (let me stress old) coloring book that used to belong to his dad - yes, Steven's parents are packrats - I will not be saving any of Isaiah's coloring books until he is in his 30s and has a family of his own...anyway it was a dinosaur coloring book and all of a sudden Isaiah was inspired. Isn't it funny how one little encounter with something will spark total curiosity and then learning comes so easily! So Isaiah is totally dinosaur interested right now. We went to the store this evening to get one of those dinosaur kits that let you chip away at a rock to uncover the creatures...he had a lot of fun.

As you can see, his daddy got into it too...Those little hands kept very busy once he got closer to his dinosaurs. He uncovered 3 of the 5 tonight and will tackle the others tomorrow. He was quite excited to see the first little glimpse of the dinosaur's head. We may have an archaeologist/paleontologist in the making.

See them?

Here is his finished product for the evening. He gets to paint them tomorrow. We are reading the book "Dinosaurs of Eden" by Ken Ham to go along with the fun. Go to if your curious about the book. He really likes informational books like that (hmmm...could he be related to his daddy, or his grandad, or his papa - well, you get the picture).

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