Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Need...

I need to do so many things...I need so many things to happen!
1. I need Steven to be home in the evenings more often...this is the second day of him not coming home until after bedtimes and its getting kinda old. It really doesn't happen too much, but it seems we do hit weeks when he has some kind of meeting or volunteer thing for multiple evenings during the week...
2. I need my baby back - Avery is still under the weather and his personality shows that... here he is with one of his inconsolable fits - he'll just cry and cry about what?...anything, everything or nothing...and what is the only thing that calms him down? That's right, the "nuk" (pacifier) that he is supposed to be getting rid of...guess that will have to be another something to hit again later.

3. I need to get some sleep - mommy's temper and patience lately has been very short...

4. I need to organize my life and stick to a plan...so many times I have an idea of what I want to do and plan it out and then something (like 3 boys getting sick the same week) foils that plan - not to mention that I have no self-discipline whatsoever. Do you realize that I have 3 different books started and am in the middle of 3 different Bible studies, plus I am trying to teach Isaiah and it looks like I am just teaching him to be a scatterbrained as me. Currently we are in the middle of a book about George Washington, rocks, and dinosaurs - plus we are starting a science experiment on growing crystals, learning about coins and money connected to skip counting in math and practicing our handwriting and reading...hmmm, does anyone else seem a bit overwhelmed by the lack of direction?

5. I need to find an outlet for my boys' energy...the two older ones have bunk beds. The ladder used to climb to the top bunk is removable, so we take it down to prevent Avery from going up there to crack his head on the floor...well, guess where I found him this evening?
And how many times do the boys just end up running, fighting, wrestling, jumping, jiving, wiggling...you get the picture. They are boys, they have energy - I need to figure out a plan for them to release it productively - oops...here we go again, back to needing a plan.

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