Monday, May 26, 2008

The Boys are Back

They have returned and they had soooo much fun in Iowa - they got to feed the cows, climb on the machinery, play with the dogs and eat junk all weekend - what more could a boy want?

They maybe missed us just a smudge and most of that smudge probably belongs more to baby sister than to me - but hey when you've got great family to visit and farm stuff to see and climb on who has time to miss mom...and it sounds like they did really well and behaved quite nicely on the trip, which has to make me wonder why they have to be so whiny and complainy with me. Cause I'm the mom I guess.

I spent the weekend sitting in the all too quiet house doing the necessary things like working and cleaning and purging the stuff we don't use. I did get some good sleeping time in there and some visit time with my I had a good weekend too. I just was constantly reminded how very empty my house felt so I'm just glad to have all the kids back together again.

I am anticipating a good and grumpy time of it until all of that running finally catches up with them and they crash for a good rest. Here's hoping it will come sooner than later!

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