Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just Us Girls

We're all alone this long weekend, just Lillie and I. The boys went to see Steven's family in Iowa. We had originally planned to go along for the visit, but I balked at the last minute. Lillie had her well child check-up yesterday and got shot 5 times, plus she just hates the car right now - so a 4+ hour drive to Iowa seemed pretty stressful. She also isn't quite sleeping through the night, naps would be interrupted and it just seemed the perfect storm for a stressful and tiring weekend. Add all of that to my piled up work stuff and our house looking like a yucky pit - I pretty much decided it would be a good opportunity to get some stuff done. Although, the weather is trying to tempt me to just curl up in bed and sleep the day away...its so cool, cloudy and rainy.

I hope the boys have a great trip - and I hope Steven does ok - this is the first daddy/son getaway, and he isn't amused by childish behavior for very long, even if it is coming from children. I had to pack their clothes so that he would know which kid belongs to which outfit, but I'm not there to see what their wearing so who cares. I miss them already - its way too quiet around here. I think Lillie senses that too, and I think she's taking advantage of it cause she is talking up a storm!

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