Sunday, May 4, 2008

Random Answers #8

Quirkiness - that's the theme for this round - I have to spill all the weird and strange things that make me me. So here it goes...

What quirks do you have in the following categories? (Or tell on someone else if you want!)
1. Home (cleaning, order, furniture, yard, etc.)
2. Personal (get-ready routine, clothes/shoes, hate feet?)
3. Relational (high-maintenance proof, personal space, parental/spousal habits, etc)
4. Food (ways you eat, ways that annoy you about how others eat, can't mix foods, etc)

Ok here it goes - with stuff about the home, I have let a lot of things go or I would have gone crazy a long time ago. I do like to organize the stuff in the pantry (not alphabetically - I'm not that bad, just by categories - grouping all the soups, all the veggies, all the fruits, etc.) but now Avery goes in and reorganizes. I like all the silverware in the dishwasher pointing up not down (Steven!) and I like the sink cleaned out - not bits of food and junk splashed all over the sides (Steven!)...but I have gotten to the point where I can over look such offenses, although I occasionally still get pretty annoyed. I also hate cleaning the bathrooms and will leave it until the very last task and will take a shower after it is done (I know, but it creeps me out!)

Personal hygiene stuff - hmmm...I think I am pretty normal in this area - I am quite low maintenance. My short do can be done in seconds (wetting down lumps) or in minutes (totally dippy-doing it so that it has that "natural" tossed look). Some days I do make-up, some days I don't. Some days I wear my glasses, some days contacts. I get ready first thing, or not until I have to leave the house. I am pretty unpredictable. I never want anyone to touch my toothbrush though...especially Avery! I wear the same sandals nearly every day of the summer (Teva brand - will have to find replacements soon!). And sometimes I hate all of the clothes in my closet and sometimes I like them....hmmm, can you say fickle?

Relational - I like my personal space - don't want anyone touching me when I am sleeping, cooking, and no one is allowed in the bathroom when nature is calling me (that's what locks are for). I hate it when husband passes gas in the bed...that's like the worst thing to me. (sorry, you asked - sort of). No one can touch my feet, especially my toes. (I don't know why, it feels weird) I also do not usually get along with folks that talk about themselves all the time and then do not pay attention to anything your saying when your not talking about them too.

Food - its all about how it looks - if anything about it looks questionable, I can resist it - for example my fruit needs to look good - no squishy grapes, bruised apples or brown bananas. I don't do leftovers usually - especially if they've been in the fridge for more than 3-4 days (unless its something that gets better after a day - like soups and chili). I don't like any of my dairy to be room temp. - cheese must still be firm and cold, milk must come straight from the fridge, and yogurt too. And I am a water snob, I have been spoiled by my Culligan system and it too must be ice cold - in fact if my cup has been sitting around and the ice has melted, I dump it out and refill (I know, I know, its wasteful - I tell myself that every time I watch it go down the drain)

Ok, I think that's enough - I am depressing myself. I am much more quirky than I expected. Maybe I should just embrace it cause it's not going away.


RK said...

This cracks me up, not because you have quirks, but because you admit them and then acknowledge their silliness. That's so balanced. I just think mine are the way things "should" be. :o)

But really, the lukewarm water thing, just add more ice! Ha!

Jessie said...

but the melted ice impairs the taste of the perfectly filtered water! really I can taste the difference...ok maybe its psychological

Anonymous said...

why isn't the ice made with the filtered water?

Jessie said...

cause it comes from the ice maker in the door of our fridge - it is labeled culligan water, but it doesn't taste the same as the water that comes from my culligan spigot at the sink