Sunday, May 18, 2008

Silly Lillie

Look at this baby - she is such a nut. I call her my sack of sugar, can you tell why?

Yep, she's asleep - this is one of her favorite ways to be carried - not so very slumped over like she is in this picture, but still facing forward and draped over your arm like a sack of...well sugar of course (you thought I was going to say potatoes didn't you...). She is so very slumped over in this picture because if you walk around long enough with her in this position, she will fall asleep and start drooling down your arm and will sometimes even snore. I joked that maybe she doesn't really fall asleep - maybe instead all the blood rushes to her head and she passes out - like I said, I'm just jokin'.

My mom is holding her in this picture - we were just leaving the wedding of one of my bestest, oldest (as in longest known, not aged) friends. She was one of the very first friends I made when I moved here to MO in jr. high and she finally was married yesterday after many years of fretting she would live her life alone. She made me cry when I saw her walking down that aisle - and I don't cry at weddings....and no I didn't get a picture of her - I had left my camera in the van and I was her guest book gal so I couldn't run back to get it. But no worries, I am also friends with her photographer so I will just have to sneak a copy from her.


~Melissa~ said...

That is too cute! Isn't it funny the positions kids will sleep in?

Kim said...

Great picture! My Mom told me that is the only would allow her to carry me! I had to be facing out at all times!

Jessie said...

that sure is the case with Lillie facing out and draped over your arm...and it is so funny to see what kids find as a comfortable position to sleep in