Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yesterday was a beautiful day and the boys spent a good majority of it in the backyard - where they experienced some more Missouri nature. They saw one of "their" turtles - this time it was Boxy and they fed him some strawberries - although he was more interested in hiding and getting away from everyone. He's a bit more skiddish, that one. (Oh, and by the way our conservationist friend told us that these two turtles of ours will not be creating a turtle family cause they are two different species - Boxy is an "ornate box turtle" and Twisty is a "three-toed box turtle" - just so you know) I do think I have officially determined that Boxy is a girl - so I guess I should stop calling her a "he" - if I remember correctly John the conservationist informed us that the bottom of a girl turtle's shell is flat, while a boy turtle's bottom shell is a bit concave for...umm...obvious reasons...

They also found a frog. The two older boys were a bit timid about picking him up, but not Avery. He kept grabbing it and re-catching it and making it sit upon his arm. It was fun to watch him play with the frog (or maybe its a toad...hmmm...guess that will be a new question for the conservationist).

Huston would let Avery pick the frog up and then wait until it was quite still on Avery's arm and that's when he would try to touch it. Isaiah just kind of stayed back and watched. He is definitely the cautious one - he won't try new things until all his options and all the risks have been weighed very carefully.

And finally here is a clip of the Avery with frog movie - it gets a bit boring toward the end - no one's talking and the frog isn't doing anything exciting, but at least you kind of get to see animal-wrangler-Avery in action.


~Melissa~ said...

You have the best critters in your yard! Too cool!

Jessie said...

it is funny how we are spotting so much wildlife around us - we live in town with a pretty typical backyard, but its an old and established neighborhood with mature trees so I guess that must help - we also have a green space just a couple of yard over that has never been built on