Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Muddy Monday

We have had plenty of rain this spring for sure...everything is nice and pretty in rich green colors. Last week was especially rainy - the boys were not able to go out and play in the backyard for quite a few days. Today the rain finally cleared and the cooler temps started to turn north to create a beautiful spring day. I sent the kids into the backyard. When I went to check on them I noticed that a hole they had dug in the backyard last week had filled with muddy water - Avery had noticed that too and had already started throwing rocks into it. I thought to myself, hmmm...no big deal, a little dirt won't be terrible, its kind of cute...and I took these pictures.

See, he's just so cute with the little bit of wet and mud on his pants cuffs

and his sweet little hands,

and the little bits on his chin.

See this is the harmless little pit of muddy water. What could happen?

Oh and look how he is going back to play some more. How nice. What a nice activity to do on such a pretty day...(do you here the "insanity" in this statement) - I obviously did not.

Right before I went back inside to tend to Lillie, one of the older brothers decided to join the fun. Look at that face - there is no mischief about it...right?

Well a half hour or so had passed and during that time the biggest brother also joined in the fun. Pretty soon they were showing up at our back door. Isaiah and Huston did not even attempt to come in - they stripped down to their underwear outside. So the sight of half nudie boys coming in did wake me up to reality and I went out to head Avery off before he decided to come in. And boy let me tell you he was a sight to behold. He is mad at me in these pictures because I would not let him come inside...

I like this last shot - it's like he's too embarrassed over his mess and is trying to cover it up.

The older boys didn't really fair much better ( but I guess in their eyes they faired just fine) - they too were caked with mud, they had just stripped before I had the chance to take their picture. Here are their boots.

Needless to say everyone had a nice mid-morning bath. All three in the tub at once and when we were done the bath water looked like a Missouri creek - nice and brown and muddy.

I haven't been able to post about these adventures sooner because well, I have been too busy cleaning up the pants and the shoes and the bathtub and the floor and the - well you get the idea. :-) I guess that's what you call good clean fun.


vicki said...

That's the nice things about little boys and girls, God made them so washable.

Jessie said...

oh my, what would we do if they weren't! mine would have been ruined a long time ago :-)

~Melissa~ said...

Oh boy! My Dominic has come in so many times like that - covered in mud. Vicki is right - thank goodness they are washable.