Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Smiling and Cooing

That's what Lillie has been up to lately. As of yesterday, she is now officially 2 months old and pretty much has started flirting with her family. The boys eat. it. up. - for now anyway. Here's a little movie of her doing her thing - sorry for the high-pitched mommy voice, but hey you want results right? :-) Well truthfully this isn't her best stuff, but its a sampling...I love the wide open muppet mouth smile she gives - could melt an ice-cold heart anytime!

As soon as I turned off the camera and picked her up to tend to some other things around the house she started fussing at me - the girl wants eye contact! - except when she wants to be draped over your arm, then she just wants to drool on your foot.

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