Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Big-Hearted Little Man

Who is this tall, almost 7 year old boy that is living in my house? I can not believe how fast the years tick away, and what an independent, sweet boy this infant of mine has become. Isaiah is one of the most sensitive, sweetest boys I know...and I'm not just saying that because I am his mother. Today he and Huston went with me to church while I was continuing to chip away at my project. They were outside playing and they have a "hiding spot" - a corner of the building with trees planted close to the wall - a nifty little nook to play in. When they went to their hiding place today they discovered 3 baby birds that had fallen out of their nest. Isaiah comes to find me in the building and choking back tears he told me that he found these helpless little birds.

We put them in a bucket with mulch, leaves, and grass as a make-shift nest and fed them worms every once in awhile. The thought of them bugged Isaiah all day. He would be in the building playing something else and all of a sudden stop and tear up telling me that he was worried about those birds.

He usually is quite content to take care of his younger siblings - sure they get on his nerves at times and he can bully them too, but really he doesn't do it very often. He is just glad to have the play mate and he watches over them. If they get hurt he sometimes cries along with them. If they get in trouble he has actually requested to take their punishment for them - amazing - I can learn a lot from him at times.

He is a terrific little man, he loves to draw and color, he can underestimate his abilities and becomes more confident with each new success.

He is enjoying his school work and now likes to read to his brothers which is another way that he helps his mom!

Isaiah is a great kid and God blessed our family when he made Isaiah the big brother. He fits the role perfectly.


RK said...

Great pics. How blessed to have such a good young man in the family, let alone a couple more!

~Melissa~ said...

What a sweetheart! I know what you mean about them growing up so fast - my almost 7 year old just had his first sleep over! It seems so early for that.

You've raised a great boy there!

Jessie said...

your almost 7 year old is a sweetheart too Melissa! I am really lovin' this age...and you're right they seem to little to do these big boy things, it takes some adjustment for moms!

Thanks RK. He is a blessing to us for sure as are all his siblings, just wait until that sweetheart of yours gets older and continues blowing you away with all she is and does.