Sunday, June 29, 2008

Attn: Mary Poppins

Here is the picture man again - Avery loves sidewalk chalk. He had gone on a trip with daddy down the road to play in the creek and had to strip down to his diaper when he returned because his clothes were wet and creeky. He refused to come in before he did a little chalk...

Maybe he will grow up and be like Burt from Mary Poppins - drawing pictures on the sidewalk for passer-byers to enjoy (except I hope he gets paid better). Speaking of Mary Poppins - I am so very envious of those snapping fingers of hers right now. I have so many things I want to accomplish everywhere around me - organize the house, get school for Isaiah planned out, do some more things at work - all of that plus I want plenty of time to waste and goof around (a few of my most famous past times). You know, like she did - visit interesting people, go on day trips, dance with cartoon penguins...Yes, I want the cake and I want to eat it Mary Poppins herself says, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down! So to accomplish all of the things on my list I need those snappin' fingers.

And no, I would not rather have the wiggly nose of Samantha on Bewitched - its just not as becoming and I would not want the nutsy coo coo family that comes with it. So if I could choose a super power it would be the Mary Poppins magic. I would be able to sing and dance and I would always have self-control. But since I don't have the magic, I will just continue to chip away at everything and eventually I might just get it done - maybe the real super power I need to tap into is "time management" - what a yucky term!

So what superhero powers would you want?


RK said...

I always think I'd like to be able to be invisible... but I wonder if I'd regret using that power sometimes. Guess I'll never know. :o)

~Melissa~ said...

I wouldn't mind having those snapping fingers either!

I love the artwork he's created!! It's wonderful!

Mom H said...

Yay Avery! You're quite the budding artist. Keep up the good work.