Saturday, June 14, 2008


VBS is over - I am exhausted - kids had fun, many people helped greatly, and a few people complained about stuff - there's always a few. The tipping point yesterday for me was when the recreation leader came to me looking for a bandanna of his - we had a tug-of-war game with the kids and I had cleaned up all of the recreation stuff - there was this box of wet ropes and pieces of material tied to them - I simply removed the material and threw it in the trash. Turns out one of those pieces of material left tied to a wet dirty rope was a special bandanna this guy had received from Lance Armstrong when he participated in Ragbrai! I mean what the heck are you thinking! I had plenty of material he could have used and he decides to use this special bandanna at a VBS event to tie on a tug-of-war rope and leave in a bucket after the event is over! So I went through bags of trash until I found it. What a crazy end to a crazy week!

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