Thursday, June 19, 2008

Look Who... 3 months old today!

...lost his second tooth!

Yep, Isaiah lost his bottom front tooth last night. He had to have his top front tooth pulled almost a year ago now because he had bumped it out of place in a fall and it was getting an infection in the empty space in the gum line above the tooth. Confused? Anyway - this was his first natural tooth loss - it got wiggly and I pulled it last night - I didn't know I was going to pull it until I wiggled it and saw how very loose it was! His tooth is in the baggie he is holding and his fist has two quarters stuffed into it - maybe we'll go by Sonic today between 2-4 and put those quarters to good use!


~Melissa~ said...

3 months and a lost tooth! Things are exciting at your house!!

Our Four Sons said...

What a big girl! I love the expression on her face in the third picture. Nice quilt she's sitting on! I need to find some material for her 2nd birthday quilt...I guess I have a while!

Way to go Isaiah - you're really growing up. I bet you can whistle really good buddy. Love you! Auntie B