Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Donkey, Some Goats and Kids - Oh My!

Well the long awaited VBS kicked off last night and unfortunately it was met with much rain. So the first night we had to scrap the original plan of all around outside fun and drag everything into the classrooms - I think about every room of our church building was being used. I printed a list of where everything was located and gave it to the teachers and I still got a multitude of questions. After the first rotation I was ready to call it a night and leave town. But it all settled down, the kids had fun and we made it through.

Tonight was a zillion times better. The weather was gorgeous. High 70s to low 80s, low humidity and a gentle breeze. We were able to use the tents we have spent well over a week building and rebuilding because the gale force winds we had for a couple of days (actually more like 4-5 days) kept knocking them over. The goats and the donkey came (the sheep were AWOL - those pesky shepherds). So even though some parts of the yard were a bit sloppy and soggy, everything was outside, everything was beautiful, all the kids were having so much fun enjoying the evening and doing their crafts and activities - it was almost relaxing. I still got a few silly questions - but not to the point that I was ready to change my name and hide somewhere.

Here are a few pictures...most of the kids and workers are dressing up in their bible times costumes...I just realized I haven't taken pictures of my boys in their costumes - guess I have had other things on my mind!

Here is a bit of our marketplace, where the kids go to learn about how people lived and what they used in the time of Christ...we have a lamp shop where they can make oil lamps, grain shop where they make mosaic tiles using different colors of grain, a carpentry shop where they can make a driedel, an apothecary where they explore different spices and herbs, a weaving shop where they can weave a basket, a bakery, a clothing store where they make sandals and head coverings, a money changer where they create their own coins, a fishing shop where they paint little fish, and the pottery shop where they try their hand at a potters wheel and make a coil pot. Each shop is in its own little open canopy or tent. A lot of the parents are sticking around and going to everything with their kids which is really nice to see.

Here are a couple of shots of our stableyard...

And this is the synagogue school where they learn about some of the hebrew traditions that Jesus practiced - tonight they learned about the Passover meal and tried some matzo bread.

There is also a Tribe time where they learn a little more about that night's lesson and refreshments and recreation too. Its a fun time...a different sort of VBS than we have done in past years and I think the kids really enjoy it. I am at the point where I do not want to think about those three little letters for a very long time though.

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~Melissa~ said...

What a great set up you have! It looks like a lot of fun.