Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yay they're back! It's always nice to have RK throw out some of these random questions cause not only does it give me a topic to discuss, it also is fun to read everyone else's responses too. So go check out her blog and read up on everyone! This round is starting at the beginning again... just plain old random.

1. Are you a snapshot or portrait person? Let's see your current favorite pic!

2. What's the craziest thing you did last month? (You define crazy for yourself.)

3. What is your current must-have food or drink?

4. What is the last movie you saw and what did you think? Give us a review and rating.

I am a snapshot person. I love the casual picture when you just get a slice of life or capture a moment in time. Here's an of my current favorites of Avery cause it totally shows his personality...

Here's a sweet shot of Isaiah comforting his brother, something he's good at...

Anyway, you get the point...I like something that will remind me years later of my kids' personalities or something special that they used to do.

Ok, the craziest thing I did last month...ok, what month is this...I have to really sit and think what I did with my days last month...hmmm...I guess going to that black tie affair/Tony Bennett concert was kind of crazy. It was crazy cause I'm not usually the type that likes to go do stuff like that all by myself - bravery comes in numbers for me, I'm not a mixer. The other crazy part is that I was going to this formal event in non formal type attire - I was really a fish out of water, but I had fun and the music was good!

My must have drink is always a fountain Coke - I will drop everything between 2-4pm, load all the kids up in the car just so we can make the Sonic Drive-In's 1/2 price Happy Hour! And I'm on my Mexican food kick again. I lost my taste for it while I was pregnant with Lillie, but have regained it again. I've eaten it 3 times the last few days!

The last movie I saw was Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed. I liked it. I thought it was pretty interesting and I realize it can be a rather divisive film. I know that there are definite biases against the Christian World-view in many areas of our society - the thing is I don't think anyone acknowledges them or recognized it as a problem unless they are Christian...So many may view this film as either not true or misrepresented. I think it is pretty accurate though and I think it raises some really good foundational problems that are in our society today - not just in the area of science. If you ever get a chance to see it - take note of something that I discovered, but the film never addressed - all the Intelligent Design scientists have really neat and tidy offices and all of the evolutionary scientists have extremely messy chaotic offices....hmmmm....just goes along with their theory that order comes from chaos I guess.

Ok that's it for this round. Can't wait to do it again and can't wait to check out everyone else's answers!


RK said...

Well done! And hey, when you guys come over to do a beauty salon visit next, we'll have to do a big mexican lunch or something! I am ALWAYS up for mexican! But I miss Toro... :o(

Jessie said...

you got it - that sounds perfect!

Christina said...

Great answers! I did it too!