Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Go to Your Corner

We woke up to yet another storm this morning - lots of rain - so another wet (and hot!) day - with more (predicted) occasional rain. Outside time is limited again. poop. We finally put the a/c on yesterday so that has cut out a bit of the tension among us, but I have already separated everyone and sent them to their own corner to play so that everyone can have some alone time. The bickering and constant agitation was getting to be too much.

The only one that was not buying it at first was Avery - he spent a good 1/2 hour crying about having to stay in his room. Which I just don't get cause he has a train table a small simple race track thing and quite a few dinosaur toys to play with...all to himself no less...sounds like kid heaven to me. I think it's the fact that he is being told what to do that he has issue with. I haven't heard a peep out of Huston, he is happily playing with cars on his road rug. Isaiah is fussing a bit on and off, but has finally settled down to a word search book and coloring at the kitchen table...at least at the moment. Lillie and I are here in the living room...so all in all I think this might help us all get some of the relief that we need.

The constant wet weather is adding to my stress level cause this VBS that I have been helping to plan at work is almost 100% outside and I have not yet thought of a good inside alternative in case of bad weather - I guess I have thought that if I just don't think about bad weather will not happen. But now I guess I will have to consider it a possibility and figure out a plan B - plan Bs stink.

So I am off to plan a "B" and hopefully my kids (and me too) will gain some patience after some time alone.

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