Friday, June 6, 2008

The Countdown is on

I've been up to my neck in VBS (Vacation Bible school for those unfamiliar with the acronym) and it will be here on Monday evening. The week of is pretty smooth sailing - its all the little details and all the frustrations leading up to that week that do me in. Last night I went ahead and stayed at the church to work. Steven's mom was officially done teaching yesterday and was chomping at the bit to take the boys home with her. So they went to grandma's and Lillie and I went to church. When 6:00 rolled around I took Lillie to Steven then returned to church where I stayed until midnight trying to tack all of this fabric to these wooden tent frames we had built in the church yard. I was out there with the stars and my staple gun and it was kind of nice and peaceful - hot, but peaceful.

But by the time I was winding up, the wind was getting crazy and the nice man (I mean that - this man that has helped us put up all these tent frames is extremely nice) but anyway, the nice man built all the tent frames and placed them where they needed to be, but had not yet staked them into the ground. So last night after I finished tacking all of this fabric, a storm blew in and all the tent frames blew over and all the fabric got wet and some got torn - oh well, I will get back at it tomorrow with some help and it will be pretty for Sunday. But right now our Jerusalem Marketplace does not look very inviting.

It's par for the course I guess - this past week has witnessed quite a variety of challenges - Lillie has a cold, I got a tick bite and some tick born disease to go with it - I'm on medication now and feeling much better, the check engine light came on in the van - the a/c is already out in it and we are a one vehicle family, Avery has been such a handful - he is a cute stinker, but a stinker just the same and sometimes I really long for just cute, I haven't even touched my regular responsibilities for church - better get those done tomorrow if the kids are going to have a lesson on Sunday!

Anyway I think when VBS is over I will be checking myself into a nice hotel where there is no phone call, no kids to wake me up, no bickering to listen to, no crafts or activities to coordinate - just a bed, some mindless television and a bed...did I mention I would really like to sleep?

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