Monday, June 16, 2008

God is Stretching Me

And I am resisting...big time. I am so very tired from all that has been going on for the past - well for the past month really. All the kids need attention, the house needs lots of attention, work stuff is hanging together by quite a weak and thin thread it seems - we need more consistent volunteers for Sunday classes, a summer curriculum will need to be put together in another week or so, plus my office looks worse than my house. All of this is looming over my head or its throwing temper tantrums in my face and all I want to do is slip a the kids a sleep-aid, turn off the world and go crawl into bed.

I need to teach Isaiah school stuff, I need to teach Huston how to stand up to his younger brother, I need to teach Avery how to not act like a two year old, and I need to hold and talk to Lillie cause that's what she wants and it feels like forever since I have been able to give her that time. And all I have done this morning is busy them outside so that I could sit in the house and have some down time.

While sitting in here all I see that the house needs picked up, swept out, wiped down, washed and dried and here I sit writing you about how everything needs to be done, but I'm not getting up to do it. God says that he will give me the strength that I need to face every circumstance in life, but I think I will start facing these circumstances by putting clean sheets on my bed and convincing my kids that is it time for a nap...

Another blogger mom with multiple small children experienced this same condition lately and described it as being underwater. I thought that is such a great description - I feel like I am drowning and that each movement is not only taking such effort but it is happening in slow motion.

So, today I am being stretched and I feel like an old brittle rubber band - maybe that nap will bring back some elasticity or maybe I shouldn't even attempt it cause if I am unexpectedly awakened from that nap this brittle old rubber band might just snap.

Here are some pictures from the past week though - even though it took a lot out of me, it put a lot into the kiddos.

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