Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun on Saturday

Saturday was BJC day at the Cardinal baseball game in St. Louis. My dad works for a hospital in the BJC system and received 10 free tickets to the game through the generosity of some of the gals he works with in his department. Steven, myself, and our two older boys traveled with my mom and dad to St. Louis, met up with my brother and the three oldest of the four boys he and his wife are fostering and we had a great time in St. Louis.

We rode the metro to get to downtown...Huston is still talking about "that train" - here is a picture of Huston enjoying his ride and Isaiah with one of his cousins - they liked the tunnels.

Once we got downtown we walked to the first event - a company picnic - free food and tons of blow up games. Enjoying some lunch - hot dogs and chips...

Isaiah has become a lot braver than he used to be - he had no problem doing the obstacle course game and Huston did it too up until he hit the climbing wall - then he bailed. His cousin Zack did it with a little help from the man upstairs :-)

We stood in line for a few more games...

Next we walked to the ballpark -

it was a beautiful day for baseball and our seats were in the shade. I had all of my baseball essentials - a score card, a Coke, some nachos and peanuts - life was good. Before we started having kids we went to ballgames all the time - I love baseball, but really when they are younger it is more of a hassle to go than its worth in my opinion (not to mention its quite expensive). But some of our kids are getting older now and they really enjoyed themselves - our tickets weren't all together - so we were split up 5 and 5 but we still had fun.

Huston got a little tired but he really sat pretty good - he and daddy explored the ballpark quite a bit - it was our first time at the new stadium.

The Cardinals won 3-2, Isaiah says he likes the Cardinals now (his Papa has been influencing him to be a Royals fan, but really there is no comparison - one plays baseball the other doesn't) and he learned a little bit about keeping score. We rode the train back to our vans, stopped off at Uncle Jason's house and said goodbye to our cousins, ate at Lion's Choice - an establishment we greatly miss (10 cent ice creams for goodness sakes!) and we went home after a long day of fun. (sorry, this is not a good picture of them - I took it from our van)

Thanks to grandma Gloria and Aunt Carol for watching our littlest ones, and thanks to the gals grandad works with who gave us the tickets. It was so much fun to see a game once again!


RK said...

That does look like a fun day. Funny that all you guys went right by as my whole fam was at Jody's in Lake St. Louis. :o)

Jessie said...

we thought about you as we passed St. Charles - had no idea your whole family was in town though - that is funny!

~Melissa~ said...

That looks like so much fun! I've been meaning to take the kids to a ball game.