Tuesday, June 3, 2008

oh Avery

Avery is driving me crazy - I mean really crazy - no napping, fitful sleeping, total disobeying and over all trouble-making. I'm ready to pull my hair out and squish him like a bug then he looks up at me and smiles in a funny way and then all I want to do is hug the stuffin' out of him.

So, like tonight, the little bugger keeps coming out of his room after I lay him down for naps/bedtimes...so I thought, heh, I'll outsmart him...I am going to put the baby gate in his doorway so the next time he opens it up to leave he will still find himself trapped inside. So, I put him to bed - put up the baby gate and sure enough - 10 minutes pass, the door is opened and uh-oh he's still stuck in his room. He cries, he hangs on the gate, he shakes it like a frustrated prisoner would shake a cell door and I just smile and think to myself "na-na na-na na-na, I win."

Well then I go downstairs to do something and Isaiah comes downstairs...
Me: "Hey, why are you out of your room? It's bedtime."
I: "But mom, I looked and the gate is still up at Avery's door but he is in our room!"

I walked upstairs seething and ready to pounce and I find my little boy in the middle of his brothers' room with a small mirror in his hand, dancing, looking at himself in the mirror and singing "Daby, Daby Cwockett, king of wilb fwont teer."

Now what can you do when you see something like that - well, if your a mom that has been dealing with it all day - you crack an inward smile, but put the little snot back to bed! ;o) Ugh, I hear the jail breaker now...gotta go. Memorize this face, if you see him, he's a wanted man...

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~Melissa~ said...

He sounds like a cute little stinker. That's easy for me to say though, I'm not the one dealing with it ;)