Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blew Me Away

Today out of the blue, Isaiah tells me "I want to be a Christian..." I asked him what he thought that meant and he answered that he wants to "tell everybody about Jesus." I wasn't expecting this at all. Then he said that he "wants to be a Christian or a singing minister" :o) like the two things aren't the same...pretty cute that one.

So anyway I talked to him a bit about what the Bible says concerning accepting God's great gift and when I was finished he asked "so when can I be baptized?" Wow, I wasn't anticipating fielding that question so early. We'll be visiting with him some more and having him talk with others to see if he really understands what kind of decision he's making...but I am sure excited that he really wants to follow God! He's always been a sensitive guy.


Mom H said...

Yea! What great news!

RK said...

Priceless... very cool.