Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Organization

I think anyway...and no the book still has not shown up (so don't get to hopeful with my organization strategies).

One of the problems (many problems) that has been plaguing me lately is that my children all rise before the sunshine - all except Huston, my sweet sleeping one, the child whose pattern of sleep matches mine the very closest. He would sleep in almost every morning if he didn't feel he had to keep up with the early birds.

I am a mess in the morning - forget rising before the kids - especially since Lillie has been rising at about 5-5:30 consistently for way too long now. I am lucky to rise with my kids there is no hope for before. So when my slow to wake up personality meets my energizer bunny (especially Avery) type children it almost always creates a perfect storm of grumpy mommy, grumpy children that will often times set the tone for the rest of the day.

So here is my most current solution. I have given each of the older boys a crate of books for them to keep at their bedside. When they wake up they are to stay in bed reading until their music alarm goes off at 8:00am. Only when the music begins to play are they allowed to come downstairs and begin bombarding me with stories, requests, and questions.

Today was the dry run. It worked out pretty good. I was able to clean the kitchen, get breakfast ready and allow my body to wake up enough to really truly be happy to see my kids come down the stairs. So far the only glitch is that Avery doesn't get it and I have to shoo him back to his room multiple times - but he did sleep longer this morning simply because the house was quiet. Also I know that Lillie will eventually be on a different schedule - but I can handle one or two kids first thing in the morning - I can't handle all 4 - my mind/body just isn't ready!

Just so you know I have been notorious for establishing a new routine for a week only to fall back into old habits - so we will see how long this lasts, but I am hoping - truly hoping/praying for a solution to such early mornings.

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RK said...

I think that's a great idea, so I say here's hoping!!!