Monday, July 7, 2008

GG's Day

On Sunday we had a family reunion - and since the whole family was together and since my Grandma turns 80 this year - we made it into a surprise birthday party for her too...even though her birthday isn't until December. This seemed to confuse her greatly - but the chances of the whole family getting together in the winter months are slim to none.

Here's GG with the cake she stumbled upon to ruin the official surprise - she can be quite a snoopy nose...

Here is G.G. (short for Great-Grandma, by the way - she chose that name cause its easier for our kids to say) with her birthday goodies...

This was a little dangerous of us, but it worked out without any huge problems...the whole gang of boy cousins together at one table for lunch - its always hard to get a group shot of these guys - too bad we couldn't get everyone's faces, but this is about as still as we've ever had them.

Here is the majority of the first cousins/aunts, uncles that are left on that side of the family, it's my dad's mom's is the third one from the left in the back row and his mom of course is GG...the gal in the middle on the couch is my great-great Aunt Ruth - she is over 90 and a fun gal to be around.

Here is a photo of my other great-great Aunt, Robbie and her husband Burton - they actually are related by a bit of a different branch of our tree, but they are really about the only ones left on that branch so they come for these get-togethers too.

I had everyone fill out a questionnaire about their history (significant dates and memories) that we could make into a book for the family. I found out through that questionnaire that Aunt Robbie and Uncle Burton will be married for 70 years in September. That means my grandma was 10 when they got married! We should have had a special cake for them too!

Anyway, fun was had by all, and I was glad to see so many folks there. We don't see most of them very often. Here is a final picture my sister-in-law Brook took of me with my brother Jason and GG. Try not to blind yourself from my very white knees! :o)

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~Melissa~ said...

It looks like a very fun day - how funny she discovered her surprise :)