Monday, July 28, 2008

The Wedding - Part II

If you remember way back when Lillie was born, my in-laws had to catch a plane the next day to fly to Honduras to be there for my brother-in-law's wedding to sweet Honduran Carol. Well, 4 months later we had a small state-side wedding to make all the governments happy, so they could officially be viewed as married by the US government.

So here is some pictures of the small little service. It happened in my in-laws living room and my father officiated. Daniel and Carol made everyone a very nice dinner and after we ate they got hitched...again.

Some pictures for you to enjoy...

the "wedding table"

the pretty Honduran table cloth

the wedding (part II)

the official signing of the papers

and finally a few black and white shots that I took to fill a picture frame that I need to update

So they are officially married under all government Carol can make Daniel take her out for 2 anniversaries!

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