Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time to Reset the Clock

Anyone know how to reset a baby's internal clock? I am ready for any expertise on the inner workings of baby time pieces. Lillie is awake at 5:00 every morning. No matter how much she eats before bed, no matter when she is laid down, and no matter how much naptime she had the day before...every morning...5:00.

This past week I have been letting her fuss it out and wait until a more "godly" hour to eat. She hasn't figured it out though - she still starts the process at 5 and fusses on and off until 7:30 or 8:00 - so not much sleep for mom during those hours. On the other hand if feed her (even a bit) at 5, she will lay right back down and sleep well for the next few hours. Which is fine, but it just feels like I'm perpetuating the 5:00 schedule. So I am beginning to think its an "eternal" clock.

So if you ever lose power and need to reset your clocks - just let me know and I will call you when Lillie wakes up - I guarantee it will be 5:00...pretty much on the dot. *sigh*

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Mrs Wibbs said...

Hmmmmm... That's a difficult one! Very frustrating!
Have you tried gradually weaning her off that feed (giving her slightly smaller amounts each morning until there is too little for her to bother waking up for), or just giving her water instead of something more substantial? It doesn't sound like it's because she's hungry, but because she's made a habit of waking at this hour...So maybe you can help her break that habit by not making it worth her while waking up if there's no 'reward' for it, or nothing to look forward to? Does that make sense??
If you've already tried the above, forgive me and please ignore my humble 'fellow-parent' advice ;o)
Rachel xx