Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some Updates

I'll start with the oldest and work my way down...

Isaiah is starting his school year - we are starting early so that we can take our time and if something comes along that distracts or derails us for awhile it won't be that big of a deal. We are using Susan Wise Bauer's Story of the World curriculum as our backbone...

It came with a great activity book that gives you additional titles to use for reference and reading and also a boo-coo of activity ideas. The introduction basically goes over how all this historical information is gathered and talks about the science of archeology a bit so today one of our activities was to simulate an archaeological dig. I buried things in his sandbox last night after he had gone to bed and created a grid so that he could go and dig them up. He didn't know what he was going to find. It was a bit challenging because the sand was so wet from the endless rain we seem to be getting.

Here is a snap shot of his artifacts...we looked through them and talked about what someone might guess about us if they found these in the dirt way off in the distant future.

(Of course I had to add a Sonic straw - that says a lot about me unfortunately :o)

Huston is struggling - I don't have a photo of him because the last couple of days he has had so many fits that a photo would not be very flattering. I think he is transitioning into becoming the middle man again since Isaiah has returned. I also think he is very tired. But I really can not stand the constant selfish behavior and whining and complaining, etc. etc. I am re-reading a book that was very helpful to me when Isaiah was going through this, and since I retain so very little of what I read I am being reminded of some great tangible steps to hopefully help Huston (and me) get through this rocky bit. The book is called "Good and Angry: Exchanging Frustration for Character in You and Your Kids."
It has helped me quite a bit. It is very Biblical based, so if that's not your angle be forewarned, but I think it lays out some really great common sense type stuff that helps you know how to calmly handle the stuff that your children dish out. Its put out by the Center for Effective Parenting.

Avery is a handful as usual. He loves to draw and sing and torment Huston. Here is a clip of him singing a song for me the other night...sorry, he wouldn't do it for the camera unless I sang along. He was singing a song that teaches the fruit of the spirit (Gal. 5:22-23)...

Lillie is doing all things that babies do - at this age all you have to do to update folks is post a few pictures right. So here you go - Lillie after a bath. I propped her in the sink after her bath last night so she could just lounge around without a diaper for awhile, avoiding the risk of a mess and avoiding the high energy of her brothers. She is discovering her hands and feet and ears...and she loves to chew on fabric - you know blankets, burp rags, whatever she can get in her mouth.

I like this picture - look at how she's studying those feet...and no wonder, look how wrinkly they were.

Finally, here she is chomping on that towel.

So other than that I am hoping that my husband finally is able to be home on time and that I will be allowed to get away for a bit - even if it is to do grocery shopping because we are out of every fresh thing you can think of. I would so love a grocery store that delivered.


RK said... store delivery would ROCK!

Our Four Sons said...

The Schnucks in St. Charles delivers...wonder if yours does? I only know because one of my co-workers dad and step mom used the service.