Monday, July 21, 2008

Medical tips

Just so you know, I am a proven expert on most medical conditions....first of all I am a daughter of a nurse and former Airforce medic, and if that doesn't impress you, maybe the following "stories" will.

Ok first of all, I have recommended this product to at least 4 people within this past weekend. So I thought I should go ahead and give it a plug to all who read this blog cause obviously there are some terribly mean biting bugs flying around out there trying to get at you and your children. Well, if the bugs bite here is what you need...

It works - it really does - at least with my crew - we have a lake and a creek near our house - so the mosquitoes can be bad. If the boys get bit I put this stuff on them the moment the bite pops up and the thing is totally cleared up in just a couple of days. You can even use it on stings - Isaiah got stung by a wasp (or something) about a month ago and within hours after putting this on the site I couldn't even tell where he had been stung.

Ok, now for the more impressive story. Today my mom was clipping Lillie's fingernails - and you know how hard that job can be on a little 4 month old...well, that's right she got a little too close and snipped the top piece of skin off of her fingertip. Lillie didn't seem to mind too much but the silly cut bled and bled. She soaked two band-aids and it still wasn't stopping. So my dad pressed her little finger with kleenex and after giving it some pressure for a few minutes we attempted band-aid number three. GG had those little baby-sized band-aids so I assisted and we put one over the finger and then another one around it to make sure the dressing was snug.

So here is where my genius comes into play. I sat there holding Lillie while she hung out waiting for her finger to stop bleeding. I was admittedly a bit distracted by my boys running around and sneaking snacks, but I was sure I was keeping Lillie's finger out of harms way (namely her mouth). All of a sudden Lillie started kind of choking. If you read this blog at all you know that she is quite the drooler right now so I thought she probably just got choked up on her own spit. Well I look down and the band-aid was gone from her finger. I looked everywhere around me, GG helped me look too and we could not find those two tiny, silly little band-aids anywhere. That's right, I think Lillie ate them...but not too worry...her finger stopped bleeding. So there you go, if your child's finger will not stop bleeding simply have them swallow the band-aid instead of putting it directly on their wound. I know, I know, this story probably leaves you quite speechless of my medical savvy, but hey, that is why I feel that it is my duty to share it with you. You're welcome. ;-)


RK said...

That is awesome. Love it!

Our Four Sons said...

ROTFL...thanks for the laughs...some people accidentally eat bugs, Lillie accidentally eats bandaids...what a doll!