Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day Three

Day three of "single motherhood." Steven has had something to keep him away from home each night this week. It is a bit unusual for him to be away so much - but every once in awhile everything seems to hit on the same week. It hasn't been terrible, but when your day starts with kids waking up at 5:30, like it did this morning, bedtime seems an eternity away.

The kids really haven't been overly draining, I'm just tired. I put in an 18 hour day on Sunday and the effect is sneaking up on me - I got a lot of stuff done around here at the house, but I'm paying for it now.

Isaiah returned home last night and we are very glad to have him back. He had a lot of fun meeting new family and seeing some sights - like Niagara Falls! He came back with a renewed level of patience for his siblings which I hope will last longer than a day and a half. He also came with gifts for his brothers and they are all anxious to play together. I already warned them last night that they would have a large rest time this afternoon.

Well, gotta go - Avery just informed me that his milk "crashed" - and I see a trail of it following him out of the dining room - seems to me that he has a leaking cup - let the day begin...

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