Monday, July 14, 2008

A Trick Question

Does this room look clean?

Oh, it very well might to the untrained eye...but to the bare skinned foot it is far from clean...

this is what I collected after one minimal sweep around my living room floor. I wasn't hunting in the out of the way cracks and crevices for this dirt it was all over my floor - and 95% of it is sand!

SAND! Before I go any further let me tell you that it was my idea to put the sandbox in the backyard - the large sandbox - as my mother's day present no less. A great way to occupy the kids I thought - what a wonderful gift for everyone...well let me tell you now that this gift just keeps on giving - over and over again in gritty footsteps that when all swept together forms a huge sandhill.

Sand has become my enemy - its on my floors, in the kids beds, collecting in the closets as it falls off of the shoes and even in my kid's (AVERY!) hair. So just be warned - if you ever think about getting a sandbox - know that it will eventually come inside to haunt and torment the mother.


Our Four Sons said...

Ah! I am sooooooooo happy we don't have a sand box then...the dirt pile (old perennial flower bed) is great!

Our boys have outside clothes that they wear just to play outside. They strip their everyday clothes in their room and go to the garage for outside clothes, shoes and hats. Our house stays much cleaner this way. :)

Jessie said...

too much trouble for me - I'd rather sweep

Jessie said...

I say too much trouble - I guess that would work for the older ones just fine. But Avery is in and out too much - he wouldn't stop to get dressed again and I would really have to concentrate on training him, which I just don't have the time to do at this point...when he gets a bit older that might just work!

Our Four Sons said...

I should have mentioned that Dillon doesn't change clothes, but since he doesn't go to school, almost all of his clothes are play ones. So if he comes in dirty, I just throw the clothes downstairs to be washed and start over for the day.