Friday, October 29, 2010

31 for 21: Wrapping Up

I only have a few more days of posts before the month of October is complete.  Looking back I should have just linked to RK most every day so you would read her posts - I certainly am aware that all are tired of listening to me (don't worry, I'll give you a rest come November :)

I am linking you up with RK today tho... and she has linked up to another mom and they are both talking about an issue that I believe stands in the way of everyone just relaxing and getting to know any person or any family with "special needs".... that we on the outside are afraid that we'll "say the wrong thing." 

In our world of politically correctness and the push for tolerance in everything I think we are shooting ourselves in the foot.  Yes, we should not be rude to each other.  Yes, we should always value life.  There is no room for compromise in these areas.  But we should always be looking at the intent of the heart of people.  We don't live each others lives day after day, we are not educated in the needs of each others families... I don't know what it's like to be you.  I of course need to try to find out, but there is no way that I can automatically have this information - there must be a starting point.  We need to extend grace and love to each other so that the walls can fall naturally and safely, and RK and her friend express that very well in their posts today! 

And when you're done reading, hop over here and take a look at Braska when she was a baby - she is such a cutie!

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RK said...

Thanks. You rock. It means the world that you've hung in with 31 for 21. Really.