Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maybe My Shoes Are Too Tight...

I sometimes feel like the Grinch.  That my heart is two sizes too small.  I think I just must be jaded about the news media... and maybe living in a vacuum has hardened my heart toward the news media more than it has softened it toward world events.  I don't know... but I'm not moved to tears by the Chilean minors.  Yes I said it.  And lightening hasn't struck me down.... yet.

I'm very sorry for their circumstances.  It stinks.  Terribly.  But they're not dead.  They've been cared for to the best of everyone's abilities, under the watchful eye of people all around the world, and they are being reunited with their families.  Yay!  Next story please.

It's so like the media (in my book) to take one story that they know is going to end successfully (Oh, ok, it doesn't necessarily have to end successfully) and stretch it out for as long as they possibly can.  It's good for ratings.  And when it ends happily makes the audience feel great and warm and fuzzy and wanting to join together hand-in-hand around the world and sing Kum Bah Ya.  It makes me feel used and exploited - I feel that way even more so for the miners.

There is terrible injustice in this world - all around us.  It does break my heart and make me shake my head in wonder.  But for goodness sake, can we just put the camera down and do something!  I don't think the mainstream media sees their role as one to inform the public as much as it is to boost ratings and sensationalize the situation and that does no one any good.

Now if you are reading this and you were one to be moved by the rescue of the Chilean miners I am very thankful that your tender heart has remained intact even after years of this media behavior.  You are a much stronger person than me.  This is not a judgement on your reaction to the news story... this is a rant about how these real-life situations can be turned into a show for the benefit of others.  Makes me rather sick.

There are a lot of people out there that are trying to help things get better -- and they don't do it with flashy lights and cameras.  Thank God for these people - we should all find a way to join them or spread the word concerning their needs... but please don't contact the news media!

Click on this link if you want to learn about an organization that is helping kids with disabilities all around the world.  Reece's Rainbow is committed to helping kids that will be forgotten and institutionalized no matter how severe or minor their medical situation if they are left where they are at today.  But with the help of many people through this organization many of these kids will have a different outcome - one of love and hope for the future.  Now that's putting the camera down and really doing something to make a difference!

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