Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Kittens

We got some kittens about a month or a month and a half ago.  They are really fun.  Quite fiesty and cute and carefree.  The follow the kids around and Avery tortures plays with them the most.  Lillie will carry them around and they just hang limp in her arms - like they are surrendering under her power if she just promises not to hurt them.

Here's a kitty pic - taken right after we got them...

The black one is named "Socks" (original, I know), the front tiger one is Beau and the little gal in the back is "Sweet One" - Socks and Beau are boys.

We got them to be outside cats.  I'm not a fan of litter boxes and cat hair.  And really I'm not too fond of adult cats... kitties are cute - who couldn't like a kitty?  I'm just really hoping these three will be expert mousers.  Otherwise I'm gonna be sorely disappointed.

The problem is I think I'm creating a family of cat lovers... and I'm not sure how I feel about that. :)  But NO - I cannot get them a dog yet.  Thanks for the suggestion though.  Maybe in a few years, but at this point we have 6 chickens, 2 hermit crabs, 3 cats, and a fish - I'm we're feeding enough mouths, thank you.

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Amy said...

I'm a cat lover--Brandon is too. We got that way at the farmhouse we rented in Millersburg b/c our landlords had 2 friendly barn cats. We got our own cats in January/February after we moved to Fulton. Ours too are outside cats and one of them is quite good at killing little animals--moles, birds--maybe a little too good.

We have had a hard last week and a half. Our beloved Veronica was hit and killed by a car last Sunday and Wendy was discovered this Monday morning crouching in our shed with a broken pelvis. Wendy is ok and healing in the bathroom and may end up all winter inside since November/December isn't a great time to reacclimate to the outdoors.
This is not to depress you and I promise we are not terrible cat owners, but guard them carefully and I really hope your road is less traveled than ours, or your cats are more clever than ours:) It's so sad to see them hurting and semi-amazing to me how much you can grow attached to them.