Monday, October 25, 2010

That Toothless Grin...

After spending the whole of yesterday worrying and being very squeamish about his loose tooth, Isaiah finally lost the little bugger in his sleep last night... and didn't swallow it which is a plus.  I've lost track of which number this one is for him - 5 or 6 I believe... but probably more.  My mind is not as it used to be.  Just this morning the boy asked me where his "tooth box" was... ummmm... tooth box?  I don't ever recall him having a tooth box.  He said the dentist had given it to him to keep his teeth in.  Ewwwww.... I don't mind pulling the little suckers (he does) but I'm not keeping his baby teeth for posterity (he would).  No we don't do the tooth fairy - once again I'm a terrible mother in the childhood traditions category, but I do reward him for allowing his adult teeth to grow and push out his old ones, cuz that takes a lot of work. *sarcasm*  He claims another tooth is on it's way out too - hopefully it won't have to hang there until "it rattles when he breathes" - but it probably will.

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