Sunday, October 24, 2010

Whirl. Wind.

I'm tired today.  No real shocking surprise, it seems that I'm usually tired.  I was up last night (again) at 2am.  I don't know what it is about that time but my body is determined to be awake.  It stinks because it pretty much means that it will take and hour or two to drift back into good sleep and then before I know it the little munchkins are waking me up at the crack of dawn (or before).  Vicious cycle continues.

I ran around a lot today at church.  I kinda like those mornings because it certainly makes everything flow quickly... but it wipes me out too.

After church I did some errands - the usual things:
  • took back overdue library books
  • returned some pants that I decided that I didn't want after all
  • paid for a shirt that Avery stole from Target...
You know, general stuff like that.  The shirt incident happened on Tuesday afternoon.  While Isaiah was taking his hour long art class, the rest of us hopped over to Target to shop a bit.  I found this monster shirt on the clearance rack.  It was a cute striped shirt with a crazy blue monster on the front and it screamed Avery.  I showed it to him and he immediately grabbed it from me to admire it.  I continued to look at other clearance items for Lillie... and forgot about the shirt.

Avery was sitting in one of those oversized big kid carts... the one with the large two seater attached to the handle - so he wasn't very visible.  We finished our shopping and it was quickly getting to be time to pick up Isaiah.  I headed to the check-out where all the kids started doing their part to empty the contents of the cart onto the table, while I did my part to empty the contents of my wallet.  We chatted with the cashier - Lillie always seems to draw people out into conversation.  We grab our bags and wheel that big ol' monster cart out to the van... that's when Avery slides off his seat and reveals the big ol' monster shirt still in his lap.  Great.

I asked him, "Avery, did you give the shirt to the lady so we could pay for it??"  He answered yes but after inspecting the receipt I found he was mistaken.  No time to rectify the error that very moment,  so we settled up accounts today... a whole $3.  My conscience is clear.

Anyway, after the errands I've been pretty much veggin' here at home.  Longing for an early bedtime - we'll see.  Then I look at the date and realize that 2 months from today is Christmas Eve!  Yeah, I'm sorry I brought it up too. *yawn*

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RK said...

Hmmmm... I thought those blog comments were pretty late/early. :o)

Way to go in going back to pay for the shirt...not that I'd expect you not to, but some people would shrug it off. Integrity is important all the way down to the little things. Way to walk the talk.