Sunday, October 10, 2010

And We're Back

Did ya even know we were gone??  Ahhhh, the joy of scheduled posts.  We were off in Iowa for the past few days.  My hubby, Steven, has family up there and they farm and it's harvest time folks - the peak season of large farm machinery - every boy's dream (unless you live with it day in and day out I suppose).

We headed up there Thursday morning with Steven's mom to stay with his Aunt Vicki and Uncle Doug.  They farm many acres with their adult son, Jeff.  My three boys took turns riding shot gun between the tractor pulling the wagons of grain to the combine cutting the crops.  They were pretty much in heaven.  Dog tired from it all too.  Late nights and very early mornings while not sleeping in your own bed makes for some really touchy kiddos (and parents!) but we survived and will spend the next few days recovering I am sure.

Back to the daily grind... but I'm sure visions of corn stalks getting eaten by the blades of the combine are dancing in my little boys' dreamy little heads.

** Lillie was too scared of the loud noises to even attempt to ride in a tractor - she'd climb all over the quiet non-moving ones all she could though and was happily contented to schmooze her rarely seen family members - maybe next year she'll be immune to the sounds of loud machinery and it will be more enjoyable for her.

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