Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's just a few days away and I don't have everyone's costume figured out yet.  I mean, I know what they are going to dress up as... but I just don't have all the little details worked out.

Isaiah wants to be a WW2 soldier.  Oh yeah, that's simple.  At first I basically thought he'd wear his camo pants and we'd get him a green shirt to go with them and that would be that - but soldiers didn't really wear camo in WW2.  So my latest plan is to go to an antique store and see what we can find to help the kid out... but he may just have to settle with a generic soldier (who's gonna know anyway, besides him).

Huston wanted to be a ninja.  Wherever did that come from??  Anyway I have a friend that had a homemade ninja costume that her son wore a few years ago.  It's a great costume... all black... with a hood thingy.  I know for  fact that Huston isn't gonna wear the hood thingy... without the hood he just looks like a little boy dressed in all black.  So I think I've convinced him to be a cowboy, because...

Avery and Lillie are going to be Indians.  Once again my friend pulled through with Indian costumes for both of my little ones.  They are really cute.  So the kids have been collecting chicken feathers lately (a few of our chickens are molting) so I need to make them a headband and figure out some faux moccasins (maybe).

I need to find Huston some cowboy looking material - he has a holster, some boots, and a hat... maybe if I can find him some chaps the whole thing will pull together.  And who knows what we will end up doing with  for Isaiah.

It will be a fun night regardless.  Yes I said it, and I'm a Christian to boot - Halloween can be fun!  To claim that celebrating Halloween is a way of going against Christ is like saying that an atheist follows God because he eats turkey on Thanksgiving.  It's the intent behind the celebration.  We're going to be bringing glory to God by outreaching to the community around us and providing fellowship with the believers.  So if you can find a costume, wear it!  God can redeem more than just people, He can redeem holidays too.

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