Thursday, October 7, 2010

No Sympathetic Bone

I'm feeling kinda bad about how non-sympathetic I've become with my kids.

Yesterday Huston got stung on his knee by something - a wasp or a bee I guess.  The kid went crazy.  Screaming, crying, chaos... would not listen to a word I said.  Kept telling him to calm down but no doing.  And instead of feeling sorry for him and his wound I got terribly irritated.

See the thing is, this kid reacts like that with just about anything.  Goes of the deep end and is so hysterical you can't jump in after him or he'll drag ya down with him.  I've tried everything that I can think of and no method seems more successful than another.

* Humor - he's insulted you're trying to make light of his plight
* A Stern look and talk - he argues and cries and makes you feel like a meanie
* Comfort - he keeps right on with his uncontrollable sobs
* Ignore it - he drives you crazier as he gets progressively louder until you are either forced to pay attention or you want to take your own life
* Distract him - he won't distract, he's got tunnel vision on his own pain

Will he grow out of this??  I'm really hoping he does.  Is this kinda normal?  I mean being upset when injured of course is very normal.  But this hysteria stuff is crazy... and it happens with the slightest injury.

So if anyone has any suggestions, let me have 'em!  Or I'm gonna film it sometime and make you watch it! (how's that for a threat...)

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RK said...

Oooh. I kinda wanna see a clip. Though I did get to witness a mini version on one of my quick visits, as I remember. It was "mild" though. :o)

KiKi is also end-of-the-world dramatic. I was hoping it would be over by 2. Darn...