Saturday, October 9, 2010


Time to recap why I'm posting something every day this month!

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Randa Kay and I grew up together, kinda.  Her dad and my dad were college roommates and they both were in preaching ministries for many years.  During the seasons that our families lived in the same vicinity there were nearly monthly-every couple of monthly visits so that the adults could eat spaghetti and snickerdoodles while playing pinochle.

While I kept up with news on RK through her parents over the years, she and I fell out of contact for quite awhile until she started a blog about her firstborn Nebraska Larae.  Braska was born with DS and a heart defect that required major surgery while she was still very, very small (like 3 months old!).  My mom and I would keep up with her progress and I eventually left a comment on one of her posts and thus we reconnected.  Through RK I was bit with the blogging bug, so it's only fitting that I use this history of me talking to myself  to raise awareness of Down Syndrome.  So click on the button above and go encourage some families, get to know some new people, and educate yourself on the importance of showing love and respect to all people because they are created in the image of God!


RK said...

Awwww. Great Summary! Those were the days, southern IL, the front porch, annoying brothers.... you remember. :o)

I'm thinking that trip over your way for a little outside perspective on life these days might be in order very soon.

And thank you for being a fan on Braska's team. :o)

Vicki W. said...

Ok, dying to know! What Southern Illinois town did she grow up in?

Jessie said...

Vicki - Rk and her fam were ministering in Wayne City for a time while we were in WS.