Sunday, October 3, 2010

Make New Friends, and Keep the Old

I hated that song when I was in Brownies (I never made it to Girl Scouts... I'm a Brownie drop-out).

I don't hate the lyrics necessarily - they pretty much hold true... but the tune was grating... in fact my mind is driving me nuts as I type.

I mentioned in this post a while back that friendships go through seasons... I want to elaborate on a few things... I'm afraid that my drift was not fully caught.

First of all let me say that I am sometimes lulled into thinking that this blog is a "safe" place - meaning it's a place where I can freely say what's on my mind without hurting, bothering, upsetting, ticking off any other person.  I rarely receive comments - which is perfectly fine with me... too much pressure otherwise, I think.  But the comments I do receive are usually from good friends that are out of town so I will many times assume that anonymity is present and that is not necessarily the case.

That said, I'm pretty confident I goofed with that post and I want to try to clarify and make things right in this post.

Ok.  Concerning the post in question I mentioned that I had felt that I was entering a time of confusion within a certain relationship... that maybe things were taking a turn, changing into a different season.  I know that this is bound to happen with any friendship.  In fact, if it doesn't happen then we might want to be concerned, because it might be a sign there is a void of progression within our character development and our lives.

I am not one that enjoys change immensely - in certain areas - like changing my living room layout or the colors of my walls or the regular routine - I'm as happy as a clam.  Change my comfort zone or my sweet spot when it comes to relationships??  I start to panic a bit.  That former post was me in panic mode.

I hope that all people form new friendships and find who they need in the season they are in.  I would not wish any friend of mine to stay strictly my friend or be who I want them to be instead of who they were created to be.  That would stink and I wouldn't be a very good friend then.  At all.  I wouldn't like myself.

This particular post stemmed from me simply wondering what was next, what was on the horizon.  I didn't want anyone to feel judged or at fault or be upset with me because I am being selfish.  I hope that those things didn't happen (but I'm kinda worried they did).  I'm a firm believer that God has folks cross your paths at just the point that you need them.  I simply was wondering if one particular friend's path was turning away from my own.  Not judging them for taking that path, but lamenting that I wasn't ready for it to happen... and confused as to just what was happening??

I love all my friends dearly, and would hold onto them for as long as I possibly can.  I am confident now that this particular friends ship isn't dissolving... and I would hold no animosity if it had to... I was just fearful of the change.  And wasn't ready for it if that's the way it had to be.

So all this confusion and rattling on to simply say treasure your friendships, but don't hold on to anyone too tightly - God may have a plan for them somewhere else... and that's ok.  Enjoy every moment you have, and trust God that He has a plan for you too.  When I wrote that cryptic post, I think I should have been trusting more than typing. 

Now go over here and meet my "old" (meaning I've known her a long time, not that we're old) friend RK and her beautiful family, cuz this post is all about 31 for 21.

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RK said...

You are in position that many of us have been in, or more accurately, LIVE in, when it comes to blogging. I don't know what happened, and that's fine. I don't mind a bit of a cryptic post here and there, and I've been known to publish a few. I feel sometimes it's ok to just be honest without filters. But I still censor myself alot...I don't really practice the "honesty" I sometimes preach.

And yeah, I'm old. 2 weeks til I add another tick to the ageometer.