Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Lillie.

Lillie is curled up in my lap laying her head on my chest.  "Lillie, you know what it's time for?"
"It's rest time.  Time for your nap."
"I'll clean up lincoln logs."
"No.  It's nap time."
"I watch a movie."
"No.  It's nap time."
"I go on the potty."

Heard in the background... Avery asks, "How do you spell 'bomb'?"
Without skipping a beat Lillie yells out, "E-I-L, Avery! E-I-L!"

"You can't spell, Lillie.  It's time to take a nap."  I carry her to her bed and lay her down. 
"I need my blankie."
"Here it is."
"K.  Goodnight mom.  See ya later."

Right now she's singing to herself in bed.  That's our Lillie.

**UPDATE** She never did go to sleep.

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